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NEON: Planet Earth’s EKG

The planet’s ecosystems are changing faster than humans have been able to track, but now a new network of sensors are coming online that will form an “EKG” for Mother Earth. Courtesy: Tweet

Mom, My School Is Turning Green!

Here’s our salute to The Green Schools Alliance, which is linking the great young environmental minds in three thousand schools around the world and challenging them to save energy dollars…all while inspiring the environmental leaders of tomorrow! Courtesy: Tweet

Celebrate a Green(er) Back-to-School

If a family can do only one thing to go green in terms of back to school, what should that one thing be? When it comes to shopping for school supplies, instead of automatically heading to the big box store, stop and think about alternatives… Read more: Back-to-School Tweet

Back to School Gadgets: Staple-less Stapler

Back to School these days just isn’t the Back to School it was in my day. When I went back to school, I went to the grocery store, picked out a colorful cardboard box that held No. 2 pencils (yellow thank you very much), some crayons, a ruler (wooden) and maybe some Elmer’s glue (the […]

Geothermal Gets A Boost

Geothermal Gets A Boost Image via Wikipedia The Department of Energy recently handed out a second wave of grants to geothermal companies. These awards may be just what the sector needs to help make it mainstream. Tweet