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A Lighter, Easier to Install, Solar Panel

(via Clean Technica) Originally Published on the ECOreport A lighter, easier to install, solar panel just made its debut on the market. Giga Solar may be an early stage company, but it deserves our attention. I had an opportunity to ask Chief Business Development Officer… Tweet

These Solar-Powered Bike Lights Might Be The Only Ones You’ll Ever Need

Jordan Kushins I’m still pretty smitten since trying out this pair of bike lights that mount permanently to the headset and seatpost—but I still gotta remember to charge them. So I’m dying to try out Pixio by Rydon; these little illuminators are solar-powered, meaning every time you go for a daytime ride you’re powering up […]

Plug-In Solar Panel Kit That Is Truly DIY

Plug-In Solar Panel Kit That Is Truly DIY (via Clean Technica) DIY: Three letters that have the power to send either titillations of excitement or bolts of pure terror down your spine. Myself, I fall into the second group. To me, “Do-It-Yourself” sounds more like a threat than an exciting proposition. DIY solar… Tweet

World’s First Skyscraper That Is Covered With Solar Panels

The Co-operative Insurance (CIS) office building is the tallest building in Manchester, UK. But the most interesting feature isn’t the height of the building, it’s the 400 foot tall solar panels covering the three faces of the CIS Tower that makes the building unique. The unique project is the world’s first and so far, only […]

Solar-Powered Modular Relocatable Building Wins Top Eco Award

Solar-Powered Modular Relocatable Building Wins Top Eco Award (via Clean Technica) This article originally published on RenewEconomy Blue Planet Buildings, a Sydney based “solar energy building company” has won the Australian Business award for Best Eco Product in 2013 for a solar-powered, modular and relocatable building. Blue… Tweet