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Sun Shine And A Curtain

The practical application of Some Shine Solar Energy Storage System is quite simple. You hang up the cool looking Solar Curtain on your window, and keep the battery-pack hooked to the base. It soaks in the solar energy during the daytime, stores it and uses it to replenish your gadgets at night. Hook up your […]

Solar Power Your Retirement

By Jack Tatar To my wife, going solar made “green sense.” For me, the decision had to make “greenback cents.” It was when we viewed the decision in the context of our retirement income that it made sense for both of us. Like many families, my wife and I are often split on our political […]

Green Energy Tips

Guest Post When powering your home we often use the local power grid, however we rarely think about where that energy comes from. There are plenty of ways to save money, power and to be as ecologically-friendly as possible. We have covered some tips on how you can switch to another, alternate power source which […]

Sunflowers: Mother Nature Knows Best!

The mirrors layout in the PS10 Concentrated Solar Power plant could have been laid our more efficiently, and scientists found the secret to a more efficient layout had already been worked out by none other than… Mother Nature! Courtesy: Tweet

Building an Eco-Friendly Green House Using Solar Powered Devices

The application of solar powered garden greenhouse gear more and more becoming a popular way to power a green house. The key benefits of solar power are many, and those who maintain garden greenhouses are swiftly learning of these advantages. Solar technology is one of the most environmentally friendly energy choices. Supplying clean energy when […]