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The Price of Solar Is Declining to Unprecedented Lows

Despite already low costs, the installed price of solar fell by 5 to 12 percent in 2015 By: Robert Fares   The installed price of solar energy has declined significantly in recent years as policy and market forces have driven more and more solar installations. Now, the latest data show that the continued decrease in […]

Luminant inks deal with SunEdison to bring more solar power to Texas grid

By: Jordan Blum More solar power will enter Texas’ power market next year to compete “apples to apples” with coal and gas power now that Dallas-based Luminant has signed the largest such deal in the country with SunEdison. Power generator Luminant will buy 116 megawatts — enough to power 58,000 homes during normal demand — […]

South African Prototype may solve Solar Power Problem

By thinking small, a group of South African scientists may have pioneered solar technology that has stumped Internet giant Google. The Helio100 project, based at Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape province, is a cost-effective heliostat that harnesses solar power to generate electricity. A heliostat uses mirrors or lenses to reflect sunlight, concentrating the solar […]

Solar-powered hydrogen generation using two of the most abundant elements on Earth

By Colin Jeffrey One potential clean energy future requires an economical, efficient, and relatively simple way to generate copious amounts of hydrogen for use in fuel-cells and hydrogen-powered vehicles. Often achieved by using electricity to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, the ideal method would be to mine hydrogen from water using electricity generated […]

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A New ‘UFO-Looking’ Dome Promises to Make Wind Turbines More Powerful

By: Brian Merchant A new dome-shaped add-on to wind turbines may help them generate more power and bring construction costs down in the process. GE has installed its experimental new cleantech, called the EcoROTR, on a wind turbine in the California desert outside the city of Tehachapi. GE says its “UFO-looking technology” (the company’s words) […]