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Solar power road surface actually works

By: Patrick Nelson A Dutch solar power-generating road is making more electricity than expected. Remember that road surface being tested in the Netherlands that acted as a giant solar panel converting solar energy into electricity? Well, guess what? It actually worked. Six months into the test, the engineers say they’ve generated 3,000kwH of power from the […]

This Is the World’s Most Efficient Black Silicon Solar Cell

By: Jamie Condliffe Solar power is getting much, much better. Now, a team of scientists has created the world’s most efficient nanostructured black silicon solar cell—which converts an impressive 22.1 percent of incident light into electricity. The team, from Finland’s Aalto University and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, have smashed the existing record for such a […]

This Giant Straw is actually a Vertical Bladeless Wind Turbine

By: Derek Markham Small-scale wind generators, especially vertical designs, are the renewable energy pariahs, and the clean energy concept that many cleantech enthusiasts love to hate. But that hasn’t stopped anyone from continuing to develop new versions of wind generators that break with the conventional windmill design, and the team behind the Vortex Bladeless design […]

Couple fit solar panels after $500 power bill shock

By: ESTHER ASHBY-COVENTRY Garry Robinson’s solar panels are unlikely to pay for themselves but at least he will not be getting $500 power bills any more. After one too many $500 monthly power bills a Timaru couple switched to solar power. Garry and Suzanne Robinson were gobsmacked their electricity bills kept going up when there […]

Want to fight drought? Build Wind Turbines

Renewable energy doesn’t just slow climate change, it saves water too — lots of it. By: Sami Grover As California struggles with the specter of ongoing drought, much has been written about water conservation. From clever ways to conserve water at home to the urgent need to tackle pot’s environmental footprint, there are so many places that we […]