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Easy New Year’s Resolutions for Energy Savings in 2016

Saving energy and money is much easier than you think. Add these small eco-friendly changes to your life and make a big difference to Mother Nature. Here are a few easy New Year’s resolutions which can really help to reduce your carbon footprint and prevent climate change in the coming year. Get a Home Energy […]

Seven Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

By: Kacey Bradley Wasteful energy consumption can cost homeowners thousands of dollars per year. Fortunately, there are many high-scale and budget-friendly approaches to amending this issue and making your home more energy efficient. The tips below may seem surprisingly simple, at least in terms of how much you can save each year. It’s amazing how […]

Georgetown ‘Solar Street’ Retrofits Historic Townhouses with Solar Power

The White House recognized the efforts of a student-staff partnership at Georgetown University for expanding clean energy usage through the Georgetown Energy’s Solar Street. Six historic row houses have been retrofitted with 75 solar electricity panels through an agreement with clean energy provider SolarCity. According to the company, the panels could produce enough power to […]

Improve your Footprint: Top Energy Saving Tips

Guest Post With the constant pressure of global warming on our backs, learning a few tips on saving energy and improving your carbon footprint can be hugely welcomed. Conserving energy will not only mean you’re doing your bit for the planet we live on, but it’ll also improve the health of your bank balance, by […]

Aspects Of Green Solar Energy – The Basics

If you want to help the environment while saving money on your power bills, you might want to learn about green energy technology. Green energy technology isn’t difficult or complicated to implement. Just do some research to learn what to do. Read on for some tips related to using green energy technology. When you can, […]