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Eco-Solar Home Tour Highlights Latest Energy-Saving Innovations

By: Laura Severs Is Energy Efficiency Contagious? The answer is yes, according to organizers of Edmonton’s annual Eco-Solar Home Tour, being held Saturday and Sunday in and around Edmonton. “This is the 18th annual edition of the tour,” said Andrew Mills, president of the Eco-Solar Tour. “It started off in 2000 with a number of people […]

Solar panels Make Morocco’s Mosques a Model for Green Energy

Renewable energy is becoming increasingly viable worldwide. But how can governments spread the message to the public? In Morocco, the authorities have been looking to religion for the answer. Revving engines and hooting horns – sounds from Marrakesh’s busy street filter up to the rooftop of one of the Moroccan city’s biggest mosques. The mosaic-decorated, […]

Home Energy Efficiency: How to Achieve It

Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important aspect to consider as a homeowner. You can end up paying over 50% more on energy bills and utilities when your house is not well-maintained or designed for maximum energy efficiency. In fact, taking active steps towards improving your home’s energy efficiency can really help you save a […]

Greener Ways to Warm and Cool Your Home

For many home owners, the subject of energy efficiency is one that they want to learn more about. Making your home more energy efficient does not only help you to be kinder to the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, it can also result in some serious savings on your energy bills, leaving you with […]

The House of the Future: It’s Heated by Sand and Being Tested on Carleton’s Campus

  A home heated by sand? It’s just one of the enticing technologies being tested at the Urbandale Centre for Home Energy Research, a glossy name for a very ordinary-looking home perched on a sunny rise at the north end of Carleton University’s campus. Visible from Bronson Avenue, the recently completed two-storey, wood-clad house is […]