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Nonprofit Installs Solar Panels on Roofs of Lower-Income Households — Free

By: Mary Hui Twane Turnage and Anthony Garner stood at the bottom of a bright orange ladder and carefully guided a solar panel with hooks and ropes attached along the ladder rails toward a pitched roof. “Pull!” hollered Turnage, 18. “Pull!” echoed Garner, 21. Above them, their colleagues peered over the edge of the roof, […]

VTT Working Group Publishes Roadmap to Establishing New Smart Cities

By: Robin Whitlock VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is coordinating an international CIB working group which has published a roadmap to the smart cities of the future. VTT says cities will adopt new practices and adapt to change quickly. They will also need to be resource-efficient and reduce their emissions. Strong transformation trends include efficient […]

Easy New Year’s Resolutions for Energy Savings in 2016

Saving energy and money is much easier than you think. Add these small eco-friendly changes to your life and make a big difference to Mother Nature. Here are a few easy New Year’s resolutions which can really help to reduce your carbon footprint and prevent climate change in the coming year. Get a Home Energy […]

Eco-Friendly Battery and Solar Cell All-in-One

More efficient, eco-friendly electricity generation with a “solar flow battery” combines a redox flow battery and a dye-sensitized solar cell, using compatible, water-based (aqueous) solvents. Solar energy is harvested and stored as chemical energy during the charging process. When it is time to recharge the battery, the amount of energy needed to is lower than […]

Small Changes Could Yield Huge Energy Savings for Gaming PC’s

By Jonathan Keane Owners of gaming PCs could be sitting on some massive potential energy savings if they make a couple of changes to their rigs, according to new research from Berkeley National Laboratory. Evan Mills, co-author of “Taming the energy use of gaming computers,” published in the journal Energy Efficiency, analyzed the aggregate global energy use […]