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10 Ways Green Technology Advancements Are Saving Energy

10 Ways Green Technology Advancements Are Saving Energy (via Dude, Sustainable!) It seems that virtually every product on the shelf is touting green benefits and materials. However, few products and technologies actually list their energy and carbon benefits. Here are 10 ways that green technology advancements are helping reduce… Tweet

World’s First Skyscraper That Is Covered With Solar Panels

The Co-operative Insurance (CIS) office building is the tallest building in Manchester, UK. But the most interesting feature isn’t the height of the building, it’s the 400 foot tall solar panels covering the three faces of the CIS Tower that makes the building unique. The unique project is the world’s first and so far, only […]

Surprising Industries that are Embracing Green Technologies

Guest Post   Green technology is often seen as one of the leading industries in the future. Many governments are increasing their spending on technology and science sectors that are leading the research into these technologies; while business owners are investing in products that could revolutionise eco-friendly living. This financial input means that green technology […]

Fueling Green Tech with Biology and Moore’s Law

Credit: Joule Limited The best route for green technologies to have their own Moore’s Law of rapid technological progress is by harnessing the steady advances in IT and, increasingly, synthetic biology, investors said here today. Combining different engineering disciplines can breathe new life into decades-old technology and help solve environmental and energy challenges, according to […]

New Green Technology – A Wooden-Electric Car

Here is a new technology which is so green it makes the best of Al Gore’s efforts look like a gas-guzzling SUV belching smoke. My uncle Dan is a self-styled inventor and always coming up with unusual things. A few years ago he came up with an idea for a wooden/electric car just for fun. […]