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Making Your Home Green

Sponsored Guest Post The world is changing rapidly. The environment is one of the bigger facets affected by these changes, and not for the better. We are losing more water than we create it, rivers are drying, coastlines are rising, winters are getting colder; you name it. These negative and scary aspects of the globe […]

Environmental Renovations to Your Home

Guest Post The environmentally conscious green initiative of the 21st Century has brought with it a great concern for new building standards and solutions to remediate the negative impact that our homes have on resident’s health and the environment. With so many options, some large and expensive while others are small and simple to incorporate, […]

iPhone Apps that Promote a Greener Lifestyle

Guest Post Smartphones are nifty for listening to music, playing word games, and taking vintage photos, but did you know that they can also benefit green initiatives? There are great apps out there designed to inform and connect smartphone users over environmental and energy saving issues. These apps do their part to help people become […]

Five Eco Friendly Gadgets Designed to make your Bike Commutes Safe & Green

Bicycling is a clean, green and healthy mode of transportation. It keeps you fit, saves money and reduces our fossil fuel consumption. In order to inspire urban commuters to go green and make their biking experience even better, there are a number of eco friendly gadgets on the shelves. Five of them are given after […]

12 Uber Simple Steps to Green Your Life in 2012

Courtesy: The folks over at Nourishing the Planet have come up with a stellar list of simple steps that every person can take to green their lives. Although it is written with an American audience in mind, each of these suggestions are so rudimentary, yet have such enormous paybacks, that it is definitely worth […]