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Creating an Eco-Friendly Family Home

Let children catch the green-bug good and early. Beginning at home, involve them in tasks such as sorting out the recycling. Talk to them about packaging and the way we can reduce the refuse we create by what we buy. Children are like sponges and they will absorb such things readily – even though they […]

Surprising Industries that are Embracing Green Technologies

Guest Post   Green technology is often seen as one of the leading industries in the future. Many governments are increasing their spending on technology and science sectors that are leading the research into these technologies; while business owners are investing in products that could revolutionise eco-friendly living. This financial input means that green technology […]

Solar Electric Scooter Takes a Shine to Green Transport

Electric scooters are getting greener with the launch of a crowdfunding project for a scooter with a solar panel on the foot platform. Electric scooters are being positioned as eco-friendly alternatives to traveling everywhere in your car. What could make an electric scooter even more green? How about a built-in solar panel? The Solar Electric […]

V-Tent Solar-Panel Parking System

V-tent‘ by hakan gursu of turkish creative studio design nobis is an eco-friendly parking system that protects and charges vehicles. it is a collapsible solar panel canopy that can be used in both personal and public parking areas. aiming to create a sustainable system for urban environment, ‘V-tent’ offers a safe space for electric cars […]

Making Your Home Green

Sponsored Guest Post The world is changing rapidly. The environment is one of the bigger facets affected by these changes, and not for the better. We are losing more water than we create it, rivers are drying, coastlines are rising, winters are getting colder; you name it. These negative and scary aspects of the globe […]