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Plastic Bottles In Your Pants

With wa-a-ay too many plastic bottles floating around, the Levi-Strauss company took polyester fiber derived from 3.5 million of them, added cotton, and created a new line of jeans they call the WasteLess Collection. Courtesy: Tweet

Hemp – A True Environmental Hero

History The first recorded piece of canvas is made of hemp fibres from 8000BC and it survives to this day! The Chinese created paper using hemp over 2000 years ago. During the great days of discovery almost all ships set sail using hemp ropes and sails. Pioneers crossed the newly found American frontier beneath wagons […]

Three Common Building Materials Are Now on the Cancer List

Report Reveals That Three Common Building Materials Are Now on the … Two very common home insulation products were also bumped up to the “reasonably anticipated to be a carcinogen” level but may not be quite as bad as first glance. Some fibrous insulation products like common fiberglass insulation are now suspects. The fibers can lodge […]