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Massive Waste-to-Energy Plant Planned for Ohio

New Hampshire, USA — A 9.4-MW biogas combined heat and power (CHP) plant is under development in Grove City, Ohio. The plant will be developed in two phases, spanning 185,000 square feet, making it the largest waste to energy facility of its kind, according to 2G CENERGY, which is contracted to supply the biogas technology […]

IKEA Is Retail’s Solar Power King in Florida

Hmm…not so sure if this says something good about IKEA or something not so good about their domestic competitors here in the U.S., but as a matter of fact it looks like a foreign company has just laid claim to being the biggest solar power owner in our Sunshine State of Florida, other than utilities. […]

Superconductivity Can Boost Wind Energy – Efficiency

Due to continuous improvement in the associated technology and configuration techniques, will increase the chances of the USA to stay on top as far as wind power is concerned. Furthermore, it is also strongly expected that cost of the power generation will also be reduced significantly. For honouring the recent development of superconducting drive generator […]

The First Solar City: Babcock Ranch

Photo Courtesy: Guest Post by Nikki from Have you ever wondered if we could no longer use coal as an energy source? Do you think it is possible for us to rely solely on renewable energy sources? It may sound a little farfetched considering coal currently fuels about 40% of electricity worldwide. However, […]

A Green Office Building Rises

A Green Office Building Rises In Florida | EarthTechling The new seven-story GAI Building in downtown Orlando was designed for LEED certification, and features eco-friendly features such as corn floors Energy Star tech. Tweet