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Coffee grounds could be used to make biodiesel says Bath University

By Robin Whitlock A new research study conducted by Bath University in the UK has found that oil can be extracted from coffee grounds and then subsequently transformed into biodiesel. The study, recently published in the ACS Journal Energy & Fuels, explains how the oil can be extracted by soaking the coffee grounds in an […]

Los Angeles LED Streetlights Branded a Success – Environmentally, Financially and Aesthetically

It is just over four years since Los Angeles city authorities took the brave step to replace all of the existing streetlights with LED technology. This was a part of a long-term objective of the city to dramatically reduce the energy consumption of the city streets which would render far-reaching benefits. At first the costly […]

Kroger Converts Food Waste into Renewable Energy

When a company produces 150 tons of food waste every day that is either a huge problem or a great opportunity to innovate and produce energy. Kroger’s food divisions, Ralphs and Food 4 Less, opted for the latter. Recently the food would get trucked to a distribution center in Compton, CA, where it was combined […]

Here’s Your Online Farmer’s Market!

People are looking for ways to bring local, fresher food into their homes… and here’s a distributive company that utilizes the power of the internet to do just that! Courtesy: Tweet

Better Wine

When Mike Benziger acquired an 85-acre vineyard on Sonoma Mountain in the 70’s, he used pesticides to kill insects, but discovered that the land — and the wine — was losing its “oomph.” Mike switched to biodynamic growing practices, and the land has come alive again. Mike says that now you can taste the soil […]