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How to get renewable energy into the grid — without losing power

The recent review of the Australian Renewable Energy Target has once again raised the issue of the “unreliability” of some renewable power sources such as wind and solar power. Their variability, which arises from the weather or daily and seasonal cycles, leads some to conclude that they will only ever be able to supply a […]

Energy Consumption in Kitchen: Electricity or Gas?

Guest Post Gas and electricity both have their pros and cons. But just as gas took over from wood and coal in the early twentieth century, electricity is all set to dethrone the friendly neighbourhood gas from our kitchens. Cooking by electricity became popular in kitchens since the middle of the twentieth century, as it […]

Renewable energy is America’s cheapest option, study finds

In a landscape marred by entrenched political and business interests that prefer the status quo, any prospect of shifting towards renewable energy sources can at times seem the purview of idealists. But, according to a new study that aims for a more holistic count of energy costs, a switch to renewables by the U.S. wouldn’t […]

Dominion Converts First of 3 Coal Plants to Biomass

Dominion Virginia Power’s Altavista power station is now running on renewable biomass as part of a previously announced plan to convert three of its coal-fired power plants in the state to burn mostly waste wood left from regional timbering operations as fuel, the energy provider said Monday. The subsidiary of Richmond-based Dominion Resources Inc. said […]

Lincolnshire Poacher Cheesemakers use Wind Power for Entire Operation

A dairy farm that supplies two tonnes of cheese to Jamie Oliver every year is producing enough wind power to run its whole operation. The family business has been based at Ulceby Grange in Alford for 100 years, with its famous Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese produced since 1992. And now brothers Simon and Tim Jones, who […]