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This New Fuel Cell Could Turbocharge Renewable Power

By: Robert F. Service Fuel cells are far greener than gas-powered engines because they produce electricity without burning up the hydrogen (or other fuel) that powers them. But they’re often impractical on a commercial scale because they’re so much more expensive to make. Now, researchers report that by creating a fuel cell that can run […]

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Supermicro is, Like, Totally Harnessing Green Energy Sources to Churn Out Servers, Dude

Fuel cell tech generates cleaner power for San Jose plant By: Chris Mellor Supermicro has said it will start building servers and storage boxes at a new facility that can make 480 racks per month, powered by a 3MW fuel cell system to cut greenhouse gas emissions. It opened the first of five production hubs […]

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ExtremeTech explains: How do solar cells work?

By Graham Templeton There are really only two possible endpoints for human energy production, and they’re both fusion. Either we find a way to create tiny, controlled fusion reactions here on Earth (fusion power) or we find a way to usefully collect a good portion of the energy already being released form the enormous fusion reactor our […]

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New Solar Power Fuel Cell Runs On Wood Chips

New Solar Power Fuel Cell Runs On Wood Chips (via Clean Technica) We’ve been spending a lot of time on cutting edge solar thermal power projects this week, and here’s yet another new twist: a fuel cell that incorporates solar thermal energy, enabling it to use woody biomass, algae, and even chicken waste for energy… […]

New Solar Panel Technology could Produce Electricity and Hydrogen

An advance in solar panel material research is pointing to something that is potentially huge: solar panels that can generate electricity and Hydrogen at the same time. This is extremely important because this would increase the effective energy efficiency of the panel by generating extra energy in a clean way. Hydrogen is seen by many […]