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The 10 Coolest Green Gadgets for 2012

With the growing craze for eco friendly gadgets, 2011 was the year that saw greater potential in the demand of greener gadgets. This year the predictions are that yet more innovative projects are in the making. There are a few eco friendly gadgets that will be the talk of the town in 2012 for their […]

Five Eco Friendly Gadgets Designed to make your Bike Commutes Safe & Green

Bicycling is a clean, green and healthy mode of transportation. It keeps you fit, saves money and reduces our fossil fuel consumption. In order to inspire urban commuters to go green and make their biking experience even better, there are a number of eco friendly gadgets on the shelves. Five of them are given after […]

The Latest Tech and Gadgets to Turn You Green

Courtesy: Everybody wants to do their bit for the environment and the tech savvy have been given some great opportunities to do so by an innovative range of apps and gadgets. From new ways to recharge to information rich apps, tech heads can now purchase or download the environmentally conscious and eco-friendly technical advancements […]

Cool Solar Gadgets For The Solar Power Addicted

  by Gloria Campos I think solar powered gadgets are amazing, so I have put together a list of solar powered gift ideas for Father’s Day.  If you still need to buy a gift for your dad or your baby’s daddy take a look at the list below. You might just find what you are […]

5 Green Gadgets that Charge Themselves with Renewable Energy

Since green energy is on the rise, many gadgets, cars, homes are using renewable source of energy. By using the green energy we can reduce the carbon emission and cost of consumption. Green energy is the future energy to cut costs and tackle energy shortage. Mostly solar energy is used in gadgets as it is […]