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Mother Nature’s Plan

As greenhouse gases continue to pour into the atmosphere, industrial polluters could learn a thing or two from the lowly sea urchin, at least as far as turning CO2 into something useful. Once again, Mother Nature knows best Courtesy: Tweet

Environmentally Responsible Holiday Preparation

Guest Post As fall moves in and the holiday season approaches, it’s time to take the holiday decorations from the attic and prepare your home and lawn for winter. The cooler weather brings the leaves from the trees and eventually, a white, heavy blanket of snow. As the seasons change, don’t forget the importance of […]

Preventing Methane Gas while Composting

Guest Post by Anthony Garcia Composting, the process of consciously collecting waste to decompose and use as a soil amendment, offers many benefits. Gardeners, whether they are going green as a stress relief from online graduate programs or working outside in professional landscaping, are keenly aware of the nutrients and soil-improving qualities of compost in […]

Landscaping Ideas for Green Home Design

Photo Courtesy: Here are the sample picture of the landscaping ideas. This landscaping ideas is very important for you to get green home design and decoration especially for the gardening and landscaping. This landscaping ideas is taken from various model of the modern exterior home design that provide the safe and comfortable home. This […]

Ground Up Green Ideas For The Home

Photo Courtesy: Along with the savings created by natural shade you can also see the benefits of growing your own staples. An enclosed vegetable patch with seasonal produce will, obviously, see you pay less at the grocery store (have you seen the price of bananas lately). Depending upon the space and the time you’ve […]