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GE Signs Its Largest Wind Turbine Deal in China

By: Andrew Burger Renewable energy resources are bound to play a larger and larger role in China’s energy mix as the world’s second largest economy – and largest emitter of greenhouse gases – strives to reduce pollution and forge a healthier, more sustainable economy and society. Renewable energy technology also is playing a growing role […]

GE uses plastic surgery on wind turbine blades for more power

By David Szondy   Sometimes progress can be its own worst enemy, with early adopters being stuck with obsolete equipment that leaves them with the choice of living with out-dated technology or an expensive replacement. The green energy field isn’t immune to this, and as part of a US$2 million renewable energy project, GE has […]

This solar-powered electric grid is changing the lives of 5,000 island-dwelling Africans

What if an entire isolated community received all of its power needs from the sun? A remote island off of Africa is about to find out – and the project could be a game changer for solar. “Ninety-nine percent of solar projects have solar panels dumping [all of their power] into the grid,” Darren Hammell […]

GE Invests in India’s Largest Solar Power Project

By Lucy Woods The financial arm of industrial conglomerate GE has made its debut investment in India’s solar sector with a stake in the country’s largest PV project. GE Financial Services will put US$24 million into the 151MW Neemuch project built by Indian solar developer, Weslpun Renewable Energy, in Madhya Pradesh. “[GE] were keen on […]

America’s Largest Grid System Could Reach 30% Renewable Energy By 2026

America’s Largest Grid System Could Reach 30% Renewable Energy By 2026 (via Clean Technica) A new study reveals America’s largest grid operator could exponentially increase the amount of solar and wind electricity on its system, while lowering consumer costs and emissions, without negative effects on reliability. The PJM Renewable Integration… Tweet