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Germany opens first renewable energy storage facility

Germany has launched what it claims is Europe’s first and largest commercial battery plant, which will help to store renewable power sources. Such sources can prove erratic, as they are dependent on the elements, such as wind and the sun. The new plant, opened by Wemag AG, will be able to store five megawatts –enough […]

3 Reasons Germans are Going Renewable ‘At All Costs’

Germany is racing past 20 percent renewable energy on its electricity grid, but news stories stridently warn that this new wind and solar power is costing “billions.” But often left out (or buried far from the lede) is the overwhelming popularity of the country’s relentless focus on energy change 1. It’s about the cost, not […]

Robot-Installed Solar Panels Cut Costs by 50%

Solar panels are obeying the will of Moore’s Law by getting ever cheaper and more efficient. What’s not getting cheaper or more efficient is the human labor required to install them. This keeps the cost of going solar higher than us duck-squeezing envirinmintl types would like, but robots are busy coming to our rescue by […]

The Solar Energy Price Drop

Guest Post Many people think solar energy is too expensive to be practical. That it is only for the wealthy or super Earth conscious. Well, they are wrong. What they missed was a huge price drop for solar panels in 2011. But why did this happen? And what does that mean for people who are […]