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Liquid Batteries to Pour on Green Energy?

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images Banks of scorching hot batteries filled with molten metals may be the long-sought silver bullet to make large-scale adoption of wind and solar energy a practical, purely green reality. Such a storage solution is needed because, as we know, the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine […]

$10 Million in Prizes for America’s Next Top Model – Rooftop Solar Model, That Is

The Energy Department’s SunShot Grand Challenge Summit got off to a roaring start this week in Denver, as Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced $10 million in prizes for the teams that can develop the most affordable rooftop solar power model for the U.S. market. Against the current trend in falling oil and gas prices, affordability […]

Energy Choices In The 21st Century

Guest Post by Gillian Cook       The increasing demand for energy is rarely out of the headlines, and it is accompanied by an often bewildering amount of information relating to green energy, and its merits and disadvantages compared with other sources. Here in the UK the energy market is still dominated by production […]

Three Green Christmas Trees You’ve Never Thought of

  By Heather Goldstone Source:   My colleague, Cassandra Profita, at Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Ecotrope blog has some interesting twists to offer on the real-or-fake Christmas tree question. Her 10 shades of green focuses almost entirely on real trees, since fake trees have to be used for 10 to 20 years before their carbon […]

Five Tips for a Green Christmas

  Christmasis a great time of year, filled with joy, friends, family, fun and, of course, shopping and gifts. All of that shopping, wrapping, driving and mailing takes quite a toll on the environment. Each Christmas season, more than 1.9 billion Christmas cards are sent. Those cards require almost 300,000 trees to be cut down. If […]