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A New Adaptive Material Could Halve the Cost of Solar Power

By Jamie Condliffe   Solar power is one of the most reliable forms of renewable power—but it’s still expensive. Now, a team has developed a smart, adaptive material that could slash the its cost in half. Developed by start-up Glint Photonics, the new material has optical properties that can change to help it capture as […]

Flexible Glass Could Make Tablets Lighter and Solar Power Cheaper

Researchers at the U.S. government’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory have built flexible solar cells using a thin and pliable kind of glass from Corning, the company that makes the glass that covers iPhone screens. The new solar cells could make rooftop solar power far cheaper. Based on tests by Corning, which makes a product called […]

Sharp Develops See-Through Solar Panel for Windows

Photo Courtesy: Solar power may hold the promise of free energy from the sun, but the panels used are expensive and do take up a lot of room. Typically you’ll find them installed on a roof or filling an area of land next to the building requiring the green energy. But now Sharp is […]

Glass company invests $2.6 million

Glass company invests $2.6 million in NLAB Solar’s cheap … Ciara Byrne is a full time techie and part-time writer. She has worked as a software developer, team lead, engineering … Tweet