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Making Green Fuels, no Fossils Required

Efficient, potentially inexpensive reduction of carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide with nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes as electrocatalyst Using solar or wind power to produce carbon-based fuels, which are commonly called fossil fuels, might seem like a self-defeating approach to making a greener world. But when the starting material is carbon dioxide, which can be dragged out […]

Beautiful Sound-Absorbing EchoPanels are Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

By: Lucy Wang Taming your room’s acoustics doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. These beautiful sound-absorbing Kirei EchoPanel tiles we spotted at Greenbuild 2015 let you have it all. Made from recycled PET plastic bottles, environmentally friendly dyes, and zero added adhesive, these 100% recyclable, sound-absorbing panels can be customized to create almost any […]

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10 Renewable Energy Questions for 2015

By Pete Danko The renewable energy sector is dynamic, with advancing technology and evolving policy. As 2015 beckons, here are some of the key questions that Portland, Oregon-based contributor Pete Danko will be asking about U.S. renewables. 1) Is The PTC Winding Down or Dead? The wind industry won a small victory just before Congress […]

The Greenest Foundation

Guest Post If the greenest building is the one that’s already built, as stated by architect Carl Elefante, the greenest foundation is the one you’ve got – even if it’s showing signs of distress. When confronted with a foundation that has a bowed or buckled walls or that has severe settlement problems, many contractors recommend […]

Five Most Modern Looking Green Homes in the World

These days the call for saving the environment is high with eco conscious people trying hard to pass the message to Go Green in whatever we are doing. The growing concern for environment has also led to the birth of the idea of green homes which are eco friendly and made using materials which are […]