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How a Green Energy System Could Benefit Downtown Sydney

‘It would be cheaper than what we are doing now’ By: Joan Weeks Experts in green energy heating are meeting with the Cape Breton Regional Municipality this week to discuss the potential for a district system for downtown Sydney, N.S. “It would be cheaper than what we are doing now and is particularly beneficial to Sydney […]

Local Business Turns Food Scraps Into Green Energy

By: Joseph Labernik NEW HARTFORD — A new business is doing something novel with the food you don’t want — making energy. CNY Green Cycle collects people’s food scraps in bins and uses the composted energy in different ways. “In a traditional landfill, when you put your food into it, it creates methane, which is […]

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10 Hacks For An Instantly Greener Home

From fixing leaks and buying locally produced food to choosing a cleaner energy supplier, these little changes will go a long way to making your household more sustainable – and save money too. Some of these are things your parents shouted at you for decades ago, others hadn’t been invented yet, but all of them […]

The World’s Top Wind Turbine Can Power Your Home In One Spin

When completed this summer, the record-breaking wind farm will be able to generate more than 70 per cent of Aberdeen’s domestic electricity demand By: Phoebe Braithwaite Wind turbines are getting bigger. Last week, the world’s most powerful wind turbine rose out of the sea off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland. It’s the first of eleven […]

A Gift Of Solar Power

By: Nicholas Johansen ???? Several volunteers spent their Saturday on the roof of the Kelowna Gospel Mission Saturday, helping save the shelter $1,000 per year in expenses. Crews from Okanagan Solar, along with Highstreet Ventures, spent the day installing a solar panel array on the building, worth about $20,000. The money saved through the free energy […]