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Arsenal FC Using 100% Renewable Energy Via Startup That Aims To Shake-Up U.K. Market

By: Gaurav Sharma  On the pitch things are not going terribly well for Arsenal Football Club, one of the U.K.’s elite soccer outfits and a global brand, as it languishes outside the English Premier League competition’s top four. However, off it, the club has become a different kind of a trailblazer winning plaudits for a signature […]

Heineken Commits to 70% Renewable Energy in Production by 2030

Heineken has committed to increasing its share of renewable energy in production from the current 14% level to 70% in 2030. The Dutch brewing company also announced that it will set carbon emissions reduction goals for distribution, cooling, and packaging through a new program called Drop the C. Throughout the past year, Heineken identified projects […]

This New Fuel Cell Could Turbocharge Renewable Power

By: Robert F. Service Fuel cells are far greener than gas-powered engines because they produce electricity without burning up the hydrogen (or other fuel) that powers them. But they’re often impractical on a commercial scale because they’re so much more expensive to make. Now, researchers report that by creating a fuel cell that can run […]

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China Wants to Dominate the World’s Green Energy Markets

By: Chris G. Pope If there is to be an effective response to climate change, it will probably emanate from China. The geopolitical motivations are clear. Renewable energy is increasingly inevitable, and those that dominate the markets in these new technologies will likely have the most influence over the development patterns of the future. As other […]

Supermicro is, Like, Totally Harnessing Green Energy Sources to Churn Out Servers, Dude

Fuel cell tech generates cleaner power for San Jose plant By: Chris Mellor Supermicro has said it will start building servers and storage boxes at a new facility that can make 480 racks per month, powered by a 3MW fuel cell system to cut greenhouse gas emissions. It opened the first of five production hubs […]

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