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Award-winning solar home in the UK costs $2 a month to run

By: Tafline Laylin If your climate change-denying, Trump-supporting neighbor tries to tell you it’s too expensive to own a green home, show them this story. Colin Usher, who is the director of UK-based John McCall Architects, wanted to design a simple home with a gentle environmental impact and a reasonable price tag. His wife’s main […]

California Wants All New Homes to Be Net Zero in 2020

By: Katherine Tweed Solar-plus-storage could be the norm for new homes. California has moved one step closer to making one of its “big, bold energy-efficiency strategies” outlined seven years ago a reality. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the California Energy Commission (CEC) have launched a residential Zero Net Energy Action Plan to build […]

Newest Innovating Green Building Materials

Each and every year, new and intriguing green building materials that promise energy efficiency and performance hit the market surrounded by quite a bit of buzz. Technology drives much of the innovation when it comes to green building materials, and many of the latest products on the market increase the use of reusable, recyclable materials. […]

Making Your Home Green

Sponsored Guest Post The world is changing rapidly. The environment is one of the bigger facets affected by these changes, and not for the better. We are losing more water than we create it, rivers are drying, coastlines are rising, winters are getting colder; you name it. These negative and scary aspects of the globe […]

6 Ways To Create A Green Home

More than 17% of the energy consumed in Canada is used to run our homes. Home buying can be a great opportunity to reduce your ecological footprint; after all you need to consider your children’s future on this Earth. Considering that your home is a place where you will spend much of your time, perhaps […]