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10 Sustainability Trends for Eco-Lux Hotels in 2015

It is always risky to make predictions for the future, but based on our observations and conversations with guests at our sustainable luxury hotels and lodges in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, we feel very confident that we will see the following trends and developments evolve for 2015. 1.  Off the beaten path beats tourism clusters […]

Creating an Eco-Friendly Family Home

Let children catch the green-bug good and early. Beginning at home, involve them in tasks such as sorting out the recycling. Talk to them about packaging and the way we can reduce the refuse we create by what we buy. Children are like sponges and they will absorb such things readily – even though they […]

Five Eco Friendly Gadgets Designed to make your Bike Commutes Safe & Green

Bicycling is a clean, green and healthy mode of transportation. It keeps you fit, saves money and reduces our fossil fuel consumption. In order to inspire urban commuters to go green and make their biking experience even better, there are a number of eco friendly gadgets on the shelves. Five of them are given after […]

Eco-Friendly Exercise Gear

Photo Courtesy: If you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle there’s no reason you should forgo your eco-consciousness. There are several items made from sustainable materials that also provide impressive alternatives to traditional work out equipment. From shoes to water bottles, there’s always an earth friendly choice. Here are a few eco-friendly exercise […]

15 ingenious water powered gadgets for eco friends

TubeBot Pipe Robot An eco-friendly gadget that checks for underground pipe leaks. Environmentalists always encourage the use of eco-friendly solutions for a greener future. Many people might not be aware of these products which offer a greener solution to your everyday usage. To keep a check on global warming, many manufacturers are continuously researching and […]