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Indian Airport Now Runs Entirely on Solar Power

By: Daniel Cooper If humanity is to survive, it’s going to have to embrace alternative forms of energy and ditch carbon at double-quick speed. India’s making a pretty big stride in that direction after declaring Cochin International Airport as the world’s first facility of its kind that runs entirely on solar power. All of the […]

California Is Giving Free Solar Panels to the Poor

By: Brian Merchant In California, polluting companies are paying to line the roofs of the disadvantaged with solar panels. It’s not charity, either, exactly—it’s public policy. Very good policy. The San Francisco Chronicle explains how a new program arising from the state’s cap-and-trade law—in which companies must pay, per ton, for their carbon pollution—is delivering […]

China Wind Power Capacity Jumps to Record High

China boosted its installed wind energy capacity last year to a record 19.81 million kilowatts as the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter tries to switch its power grid to cleaner energy sources. The National Energy Administration said Thursday that wind farms produced 153.4 billion kilowatt hours of electric power in 2014, making up 2.8 percent […]

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City of Saskatoon turning trash to gas with green energy project

By Wendy Winiewski SASKATOON- One person’s trash is another person’s treasure and that phrase couldn’t be more true for the City of Saskatoon as it begins to cash in on a green energy project it began in 2011. “We’ve been operating for about 50 days,” said Saskatoon Light & Power’s Kevin Hudson, “and we make […]

UK project to demonstrate fertilizer production using renewable energy

The UK’s Technology Strategy Board is funding a consortium that includes the Waitrose supermarket chain and ITM Power, to demonstrate de-carbonisation of fertiliser production, which is responsible for a significant proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions. Energy storage and clean fuel specialist ITM Power is leading the consortium, which – subject to final contract – […]