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The Automated Energy-Saving Grocery Store Goes Live

  Maybe the first energy-smart buildings to reach mass-market scale won’t be data centers or showcase corporate headquarters, but your neighborhood grocery store.   That’s what Verisae is hoping. The Minneapolis, Minn.-based company has just launched its Apollo platform, which aims to link grocery store electricity loads — refrigerators, ovens, lighting, HVAC systems, checkout stand […]

Back to School Gadgets: Staple-less Stapler

Back to School these days just isn’t the Back to School it was in my day. When I went back to school, I went to the grocery store, picked out a colorful cardboard box that held No. 2 pencils (yellow thank you very much), some crayons, a ruler (wooden) and maybe some Elmer’s glue (the […]

Ground Up Green Ideas For The Home

Photo Courtesy: Along with the savings created by natural shade you can also see the benefits of growing your own staples. An enclosed vegetable patch with seasonal produce will, obviously, see you pay less at the grocery store (have you seen the price of bananas lately). Depending upon the space and the time you’ve […]