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Heating Homes of the Future

Guest Post World natural gas supplies are rapidly depleting. Therefore, many countries are considering alternative ways of heating homes. After all, many places still have no access  to natural gas even if a supply of this fuel exists nearby. Another reason for considering different sources of heat would be to keep gas prices down without […]

3 Ways Households Can Be More Energy Efficient

  Guest Post With the rise of global warming, there’s a growing responsibility for households to be more efficient with their energy usage. Moreover, energy efficiency also brings along an added advantage of lower electricity and gas bills which reduces household expenditure. Every household has the potential to reduce fair amount from their quarterly bills […]

Using Active Solar Hydronic Heating at Home

Guest Post From today’s point of view, the future certainly seems bleak, thanks to depleting natural resources and oil reserves. The current use of fossil fuels is so high that there will hardly be any resources left for our future generations. The time has come to take action as there is urgent need to unravel […]

The Use of Geothermal Energy in Commercial Buildings

Perhaps the largest energy expenditure of a commercial building comes from its HVAC or heating and cooling system. Office buildings and factories have a lot of open space, and filling this space with hot or cold air can consume a lot of energy and be expensive. One solution to this problem is harnessing the natural […]

Geothermal Energy Uses and Its Impact

Geothermal Energy Uses and Its Impact on the Environment … Geothermal energy is a unique and stable way of getting energy from the earth. Learn about its impact on the environment and its common uses. Tweet