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Tested: Living with Five Years of Solar Power

By Loyd Case We had 27 photovoltaic panels installed on our roof in 2008. But generating electricity is only part of the power consumption equation. In 2008, 27 Sunpower 225W solar panels were installed on our roof, capable of generating 6KW of electricity. Actual power distribution after inverter losses is roughly 5KW. Back in 2008, […]

How Schools Can Start a Green Initiative

Guest Post There are many schools looking to go green and start the green initiative as a way of doing something positive for the environment while also teaching the children that attend the school the actual importance behind protecting the environment from pollution, toxic chemicals, and some harmful gases that are released into the air. […]

Northeast Solar Sales Surge Through Home Depot

Stephen Lacey It was the holy grail of solar. Get solar panels on the shelves of a big-box store like Home Depot where do-it-yourselfers shop for home improvement projects, and the solar industry could tap a whole new class of customers. Except it didn’t really happen that way — at first. In 2001, Home Depot […]

Home Depot Teams Up With USGBC to Bring Customers Green Building Products

Greening your home will now be easier than ever, thanks to a partnership between the U.S. Green Building Council and Home Depot that will launch a line of USBGC-approved green building products on Home Depot’s site. Although Home Depot already sells a bevy of green products, the new categorization will make it quick and easy […]

Home Depot Starts Selling Small Wind Turbines

Small wind turbines are growing in popularity and Home Depot will begin selling them in stores in some of the windier parts of the country. Arizona-based Southwest Windpower, one of the pioneers and leading manufacturers of small wind turbines, says its Skystream 3.7 turbine will be available at stores in Texas, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming […]