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Saving Energy in the Home

Ever wanted to know how changing the way you cook your potatoes could save you pounds? There are so many ways the average household can be more energy efficient; from being clever with your kettle to shacking up with the nearest willing man or woman, Ovo Energy gives you the low down of our top […]

Improve your Footprint: Top Energy Saving Tips

Guest Post With the constant pressure of global warming on our backs, learning a few tips on saving energy and improving your carbon footprint can be hugely welcomed. Conserving energy will not only mean you’re doing your bit for the planet we live on, but it’ll also improve the health of your bank balance, by […]

Making Your Home Green

Sponsored Guest Post The world is changing rapidly. The environment is one of the bigger facets affected by these changes, and not for the better. We are losing more water than we create it, rivers are drying, coastlines are rising, winters are getting colder; you name it. These negative and scary aspects of the globe […]

Environmental Renovations to Your Home

Guest Post The environmentally conscious green initiative of the 21st Century has brought with it a great concern for new building standards and solutions to remediate the negative impact that our homes have on resident’s health and the environment. With so many options, some large and expensive while others are small and simple to incorporate, […]

How Smart Home Automation Will Change – And Green Our Energy Use

Guest Post Smart homeautomation technology is changing the way in which we use – and save energy – and helping homeowners to go green with their energy use, too. Smart home technology provides environmental regulation that reduces home energy costs, saves energy over all, and increases home owner comfort. New automated home systems allow homeowners […]