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AlgaeBulb Brings New Meaning To ‘Green Power’

by Beth Buczynski Not content with CFLs or LEDs? Looking for an even greener way to light up your life? Hungarian designer Gyula Bodonyi’s “AlgaeBulb” concept might be right up your alley. Algae has huge potential as a source of green energy, but up until now, using it required a fairly big facility and lots […]

How Schools Can Start a Green Initiative

Guest Post There are many schools looking to go green and start the green initiative as a way of doing something positive for the environment while also teaching the children that attend the school the actual importance behind protecting the environment from pollution, toxic chemicals, and some harmful gases that are released into the air. […]

IKEA Is Retail’s Solar Power King in Florida

Hmm…not so sure if this says something good about IKEA or something not so good about their domestic competitors here in the U.S., but as a matter of fact it looks like a foreign company has just laid claim to being the biggest solar power owner in our Sunshine State of Florida, other than utilities. […]

Teenage girls in Yemen develop solar powered gadgets to beat power outages

When the revolution started to sweep through Yemen, residents here were pretty confident that the conditions of the country will improve and they too would be gifted with basic utilities such as electricity. However, the hope soon ended and the residents found living in areas where electricity was only made available for just one hour […]

LED Bulbs: The Latest Bright Idea for Lighting

  The light bulb aisle at home improvement stores is an overwhelming display of options – CFLs, LEDs, incandescents, lumens and watts, warm light and cool light. That’s not even getting into price variation. Sure, we’re getting accustomed to the CFLs (compact fluorescent lighting), which are everywhere. Meanwhile, with little fanfare, higher-efficiency light-emitting diode (LED) […]