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Indian Airport Now Runs Entirely on Solar Power

By: Daniel Cooper If humanity is to survive, it’s going to have to embrace alternative forms of energy and ditch carbon at double-quick speed. India’s making a pretty big stride in that direction after declaring Cochin International Airport as the world’s first facility of its kind that runs entirely on solar power. All of the […]

India solar power investment could surpass coal by 2019-20 – Deutsche Bank

By Tom Kenning Investment in solar power in India could surpass investment in coal by 2019-20, with US$35 billion already committed by global players, according to a Deutsche Bank report. The report ‘India 2020: Utilities & renewables’ said the focus on solar would be driven by prime minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious target of deploying 100GW […]

Japanese billionaire plans to invest $20 billion in Indian solar power

By: Michael Graham Richard This is huge India might be short on many things, but sunlight isn’t one of those, which makes the country a perfect place for solar power. There’s starting to be some political support for the clean source of energy (India is currently very dependent on coal) up to the highest levels […]

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India’s diesel-guzzling railways are testing coaches with solar panels

Solar energy has a surprising new supporter in India: The country’s massive state-owned railways. India has one of the largest  railway networks in the world, running some 12,000 trains that carry over 23 million passengers every day. That’s almost as much as the entire population of Australia. But moving such huge numbers of people—aside from […]

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Sunny business: India to trump US with 750 megawatt solar power plant

The construction of the world’s largest solar power plant is underway in central India. When the 750-megawatt site starts operating in August, 2016, the project is set to overtake America’s 550-megawatt ‘Desert Sunlight’ in California. The world’s largest solar power plant that will be generating 750MW of electricity had been recently commissioned in Rewa district […]

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