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Waste Management Companies

Guest Post Waste management in the past has typically focused purely on removing waste and storing it or destroying it by the most economical and practical means possible. However over the past decade, a more environmentally sensitive focus has been encouraged, and often enforced, by new regulations as well as the general public’s expectations when […]

Generate Your Own Power with a Ground Source Heat Pump

Guest Post Just as the nations of the world are increasingly turning to renewable sources as a way to secure energy dependence, faced with huge price hikes from the energy companies, homeowners are more willing than ever to explore ways of going green and getting off the grid. Whilst solar panels already adorn the roofs […]

Track Geothermal Performance with New Product from EnergyWise Partners

For those of you who have security systems in your home, you know that your service provider will call when it is time to change your batteries. They can monitor your security system to ensure it is operating effectively from an office one hundred miles away. What if you, as a geothermal contractor, could offer […]

5 Eco Gadgets to Beat the Summer Heat

Courtesy: Have you had the courage to look at your electricity bill yet this summer? Chances are it ain’t pretty since we often end up using a ton of electricity trying to keep cool. But don’t sweat it – nowadays there are a host of smart electronics specially designed to keep temperatures down without […]

Zero energy green home generates more power

Zero energy green home generates more power than it consumes Designed by FortyEighty Architecture the under construction green home features a geothermal heat pump to keep the interiors warm using 50 percent less energy than a conventional heating/cooling system. energy efficeint house 2 … Tweet