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Options for Roofing Materials

Choose durable roofing materials that will last through wind, precipitation and exposure to U.V rays. 1. Asphalt shingles: We’ll start with shingles to get it out of the way, because choosing an eco-friendly, durable roof covering starts first with dismissing any idea of installing asphalt shingles. High-embodied energy, rarely if ever recycled, they deteriorate rapidly […]

Easy New Year’s Resolutions for Energy Savings in 2016

Saving energy and money is much easier than you think. Add these small eco-friendly changes to your life and make a big difference to Mother Nature. Here are a few easy New Year’s resolutions which can really help to reduce your carbon footprint and prevent climate change in the coming year. Get a Home Energy […]

Instructions For A DIY Home Energy Audit

By: Nikki Fotheringham Electricity bills have been steadily rising with no respite in the foreseeable future. Increasingly, home owners are turning to efficient building envelopes to create homes that utilize less energy. Investing in making your home more efficient and more comfortable will save you money in the long term and will reduce your impact […]

Step Inside the Real Home of the Future

Step Inside the Real Home of the Future – re:place Magazine And he noted how these buildings were pointing the way toward affordable green homes. “No big added expense,” he wrote. “The costs of the extra insulation and extra care in construction are largely offset by the savings realized from … Tweet

Insulation Facts

Boosting attic insulation gives you the most value for your dollar. Shoot for a rating well above the recommended minimum of R-22. Seven inches of fiberglass or rock wool insulation and 6 inches of cellulose insulation are equal to an R-value of 22. While you’re at it, insulate your hot water heater. Precut “blankets” are […]

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