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There’s a Place in the World That Is Fighting Poverty with Solar Power

By Tim McDonnell Lusela Murandika just wants to be able to watch the evening news. The 76-year-old farmer lives in Kanyala village in northern Tanzania, 60 miles from the nearest town that’s connected to the electric grid. For years, he’s powered a tiny TV set in the dim sitting room of his concrete house here […]

Twenty-Two Percent of the World’s Power Now Comes from Renewable Sources

By: Brian Merchant Last year saw the biggest worldwide boom in renewable energy yet. Across the globe, wind turbines and solar panels were rolled out and set up at a more rapid clip than ever before. “In 2013, renewable power capacity expanded at its fastest pace to date,” the Paris-based International Energy Agency wrote in […]

Worldwide renewable energy capacity in 2012 equalled China’s total energy demand (4,860TWh)!

Go renewables, go! According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), by 2018 renewable should overtake natural gas to become the world’s second-largest source of energy (oil is #1). Of course, no single source of renewable energy can beat gas on its own (yet), but if you combine solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biofuel/biomass, we can […]

Renewable Energy in 50 Years: 3 Predictions

Humans have the unique talent to imagine the prospective in rich, complete detail. Futurists from past generations foretold a global paradigm shift, buttressed by interconnectivity, digitization, seamless space travel, and policemen equipped with surgically fastened, bat-like wings. Granted, it’s an imperfect science. Sometimes we dream up winged peacekeepers, but other times, we prove ourselves precocious. […]

Solar Power to Hit Cost Parity Next Year

Image credit: Kevin Thoule: Flickr Creative Commons They said it couldn’t be done. They tried to tell us that renewable energy could only survive if it were propped up with government subsidies. Never mind that our whole system of economic development, beginning with the patent office, is predicated on the idea that fledgling, underfunded industries […]