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Nipi Cooler stays icey for a week, powers your gadgets

By Stu Robarts Above all else, it’s important that any device does its bread-and-butter functionality well. The nipi cooler, which is currently the subject of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, is said to keep ice frozen for six full days, and comes packed with what its makers are calling “21st century survival features.” Like Solar Cool […]

Solar-powered smart watering system promises battery-free intelligent irrigation

By: Derek Markham The latest Internet of Things (IoT) entry into the lawn and garden market offers an automated and app-controlled watering system to “deliver the perfect drink” to your plants. Over the last year or so, we’ve been seeing a whole slew of new ‘smart’ devices hitting the lawn and garden market, all of […]

3D-printed wind turbine puts 300W of power in your backpack

by Jon Fingas For the most part, portable energy generators are intended for modest uses. They can charge your phone, but they won’t drive high-powered laptops or small appliances. That might change if Omni3D gets its crowdfunded AirEnergy 3D off the ground. The 3D-printed wind turbine should fit into a backpack, yet produce up to […]

Sunseeker Duo makes first solar-powered passenger flight

By Paul Ridden   Last month, Solar Flight revealed that the team was working hard to get its Sunseeker Duo ready for the first passenger flights this (northern) summer. Today, the company announced that husband and wife team Eric and Irena Raymond have taken to the skies together, making the Duo the first solar-powered airplane […]

Crowdsource Funding: Could Communities Develop their Own Solar Arrays?

Guest Post You may have seen some of the crowdsource funding sites such as Kickstarter launch great ideas for many people. These sites are geared to encourage visitors to “invest” in an idea or project in return for some of the success from the project. These returns are generally left up to the person asking […]