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Couple fit solar panels after $500 power bill shock

By: ESTHER ASHBY-COVENTRY Garry Robinson’s solar panels are unlikely to pay for themselves but at least he will not be getting $500 power bills any more. After one too many $500 monthly power bills a Timaru couple switched to solar power. Garry and Suzanne Robinson were gobsmacked their electricity bills kept going up when there […]

Tree Shaped Wind Turbines to be Installed in Paris

A French company called New Wind is installing tree-shaped wind turbines at the Place de la Concorde in Paris, France. The company’s founder, Jérôme Michaud-Larivière came up with the idea while in a Paris square, when he “saw the leaves tremble when there was not a breath of air.” He hopes the trees can be […]

Terra Sola Plans $3.5 Billion Solar Power Investment In Egypt

By: Mridul Chadha  Leading solar power project developers are flocking to Egypt’s solar power market, which is set for a massive expansion. Terra Sola has approached the Egyptian government with an intention to invest $3.5 billion to develop solar power projects. Terra Sola CEO David Heimhofer met with the Egyptian Prime Minister and shared his […]

GE Signs Its Largest Wind Turbine Deal in China

By: Andrew Burger Renewable energy resources are bound to play a larger and larger role in China’s energy mix as the world’s second largest economy – and largest emitter of greenhouse gases – strives to reduce pollution and forge a healthier, more sustainable economy and society. Renewable energy technology also is playing a growing role […]

Amazon Invests In 150MW Indiana Wind Farm To Power Its Data Centers

By: Frederic Lardinois Amazon today announced that it is working with the Pattern Energy Group to construct and operate a 150 megawatt wind farm in Benton County, Indiana. The new wind farm will go online in about a year and the expectation is that it will supply at least 500,000 megawatt hours of wind power […]