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New York’s Compost Innovation?

Here’s an idea that will keep New York’s organic waste out of landfills, while creating revenue…all while giving New Yorkers more green space! Courtesy: Tweet

Make Mine Mushrooms!

When you unpack that new TV, you get Styrofoam that ends up in landfill whether you like it or not…so why not use the magic of mushrooms to make a packaging material that’s completely compostable? Courtesy: Tweet

Geomembrane Technology Creates Solar-Powered Landfills

Courtesy: energyNow Landfills are highly engineered environments, designed to safely contain decomposing waste and methane. Clean energy advocates consider landfills an ideal location for solar power installations, but have encountered problems because as waste breaks down over time, their shape can shift and damage solid structures. Enter the spectral power cap, a first-of-its-kind 45-acre landfill […]