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Washington state just lopped up to $2,500 off the cost of solar panels. Here’s how.

By Heather Smith   All new technology, no matter how innovative, arrives in a world of pre-existing laws and regulations. But not all technology catches the same breaks. A company like Lyft or Uber can do its thing right out there in the open for a surprisingly long time, despite being — essentially — appified […]

Legal Oomph

Red tape often prevents green initiatives from being enacted into law, but smack-dab in the middle states of the U.S. there is a group, the Environmental Law and Policy Center, that is actually getting something done! [youtube] Courtesy: Tweet

Fueling Green Tech with Biology and Moore’s Law

Credit: Joule Limited The best route for green technologies to have their own Moore’s Law of rapid technological progress is by harnessing the steady advances in IT and, increasingly, synthetic biology, investors said here today. Combining different engineering disciplines can breathe new life into decades-old technology and help solve environmental and energy challenges, according to […]