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Stealing Apollo’s chariot: the inner workings of solar panels

By: Will Nicol Electricity surrounds us. Whether in the grids of power cables blanketing every developed nation, or the currents coursing through the human bloodstream to keep the heart beating, electricity drives our lives. It has powered the great advances of the last century and the hunger for more — and a more efficient — means of […]

Nipi Cooler stays icey for a week, powers your gadgets

By Stu Robarts Above all else, it’s important that any device does its bread-and-butter functionality well. The nipi cooler, which is currently the subject of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, is said to keep ice frozen for six full days, and comes packed with what its makers are calling “21st century survival features.” Like Solar Cool […]

These Giant Singing Flowers are also Creating Solar Power

In Seattle, artist Dan Corson has partnered with the city to create this installation of solar panels that look like giant flowers, right out of a Dr. Seuss book. The project is called Sonic Bloom. designboom writes: created on behalf of seattle city light’s green up program, which supports the development of renewable energy systems, […]

Samsung Develops 15 KVA Solar Power Generator For Africa

VENTURES AFRICA- As part of its “Built For Africa” product initiative, electronics and mobile phone giant Samsung, has manufactured a solar powered generator equivalent of a 15 KVA diesel plant, to alleviate electricity infrastructure problems on the continent. At the 2013 Sam­sung Africa Forum in Cape Town, South Africa,where the eco-friendly product was unveiled, Ntutule […]

Solar-Powered Elevator Hits the Market

The last place you want to be when the power goes out is stuck in an elevator, and although you’ve probably never thought about it, wouldn’t it be much safer if it was powered by renewable energy? Schindler, one of the biggest manufacturers of elevators, is marketing a solar-powered elevator starting this year. Drawing power […]