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Solar power company expanding in Las Vegas

By Vanessa Murphy 8 News NOW LAS VEGAS — One company’s expansion could mean cheaper electricity and more jobs here in southern Nevada. California-based Solar City wants to make Las Vegas its second headquarters. The company is offering a new plan for homeowners and businesses to get solar power, which it says will lower utility […]

Can Elon Musk’s cousin do for solar power what Tesla has done for electric cars?

In 2004, Lyndon Rive was in an RV on his way to Burning Man when his cousin gave him five words of advice: “You should look into solar.” The way Rive tells it, it sounds a little like Mr. McGuire in The Graduate telling Dustin Hoffman to think about plastics. Except that Rive’s cousin is […]

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Tesla & Solar: A Glimpse of the New Energy Economy

If you want a glimpse of what the nascent new energy economy looks like, pull off Interstate 5 in Southern California just before the steep climb through the Tejon Pass. There amid a cluster of fast-food joints you’ll find three Tesla Motors Superchargers sitting under a canopy of solar panels. The 480-volt Superchargers, which resemble […]

Northeast Solar Sales Surge Through Home Depot

Stephen Lacey It was the holy grail of solar. Get solar panels on the shelves of a big-box store like Home Depot where do-it-yourselfers shop for home improvement projects, and the solar industry could tap a whole new class of customers. Except it didn’t really happen that way — at first. In 2001, Home Depot […]