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Floating Wind Turbines Headed for Offshore Farms

By Peter Fairley     Floating wind power is no longer science fiction. Promising results from five test platforms operating worldwide—including three in Japan—are turning into project plans for a first generation of floating wind farms. Industry analyst Annette Bossler, who runs Bremen, Maine-based Main(e) International Consulting, predicts that the number of test platforms will […]

Sea Installer – The Enormous Ocean Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

Technological progress advances our ability to build bigger and badder machines. A recent example is Sea Installer, part of the next generation of powerful wind turbine installation vessels that are capable of moving and installing multiple turbines quickly. Sea Installer was built by German tech giant Siemens AG together with A2SEA. Sea Installer is a […]

Who uses Renewable Power, in One Map

We keep hearing that renewable energy is booming in the United States, but where is it? Here’s a handy map from the U.S. Energy Information Administration showing how much electricity each state gets from wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal (but not hydropower): Maine was the clear winner in 2011, getting 27 percent of its electricity […]

Three Green Christmas Trees You’ve Never Thought of

  By Heather Goldstone Source:   My colleague, Cassandra Profita, at Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Ecotrope blog has some interesting twists to offer on the real-or-fake Christmas tree question. Her 10 shades of green focuses almost entirely on real trees, since fake trees have to be used for 10 to 20 years before their carbon […]