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World’s Highest Wind Turbine Will Hover Above Alaska

By Katherine Tweed The title for world’s largest wind turbine is constantly up for grabs as manufacturers build higher and bigger to capture more energy from the passing air. One turbine in Alaska, however, will now spin high above the rest. Altaeros Energies will launch its high-altitude floating wind turbine south of Fairbanks to bring […]

Let’s Go Fly a Wind Turbine

Alameda, California, has a long history of welcoming advanced airborne machines: at various times, the city has been home to a Pan Am seaplane hub, a public airport called the San Francisco Bay Airdrome, and a major naval air station. All have since closed, but much of the related infrastructure — cavernous hangars, control towers, […]

Giant Kite could be Future of Wind Power

A California energy company is working to develop an airborne system of wind turbines that its developer believes could be superior to any of the current ground-based systems. The system essentially consists of a giant kite that looks like a small airplane. It employs sensors to determine the optimal location for accessing the wind and […]