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New York City Turns Organic Waste into Green Energy

Brooklyn resident Sara Schiwal is among more than 2 million New Yorkers who have access to a brown bin. The bins are part of the citywide curbside food scrap and yard waste collection program, already the largest in the United States. Schiwal, who enjoys cooking with her two-year-old daughter Nora, said that recycling organics is […]

‘Fire Ice’ – The New Source Of Green Energy? Japan Certainly Seems To Think So

Imagine lighting a fire to a hard-packed snowball or the mud deep inside the ocean bed. While that may sound impossible, it is not only feasible, but the government of Japan believes that they can use this energy to fuel the entire country, for at least a decade. As you have probably guessed the ice […]

Audi to Make Fuel Using Solar Power

Audi is building a plant that will use solar and wind power to make methane from water and carbon dioxide. The plant, which will use technology developed by Stuttgart, Germany-based SolarFuel, is scheduled to start operation later this year. It will produce enough methane to power 1,500 of Audi’s new natural-gas vehicles, which also go […]

Campbell Soup to Boost Renewable Energy Use at Ohio Factory

  Campbell SoupCo. may be based in Camden, but Napoleon, Ohio, is the site of the company’s biggest food-manufacturing plant. Located near Toledo, the factory employs about 1,500 people who produce soups, sauces and beverages for the consumer-products giant. It’s also one of the focal points for Campbell Soup’s efforts to make its operations more […]

Preventing Methane Gas while Composting

Guest Post by Anthony Garcia Composting, the process of consciously collecting waste to decompose and use as a soil amendment, offers many benefits. Gardeners, whether they are going green as a stress relief from online graduate programs or working outside in professional landscaping, are keenly aware of the nutrients and soil-improving qualities of compost in […]