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After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico May Shift To 100% Renewable Energy

After Hurricane Maria left many on the island without electricity for nearly a year, politicians are leaning toward a more sustainable and resilient way to power Puerto Rico. BY: Adele Peters After Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico’s power grid, causing the longest blackout in U.S. history, it ignited a new push for renewable energy–a solution that could be […]

72 Million New Homes Will Have Renewable Energy Via Solar Power By 2030

Developing nations may leap-frog old-school power lines. By: Matthew Phelan Confronting the threats posed by climate change will require transitioning to renewable energy. Thankfully, access to decentralized power systems — including a projected 72 million solar-powered homes — will expand access to electricity more cheaply and more sustainably than past estimates, industry analysts say. It’s been over a century […]

Solar Power Helps Raise Income Levels In Kenya

By: Steve Hanley Solar powered lights are changing the way people do business in Kenya. In the town of Embu, which is located in central Kenya northeast of Nairobi, Violet Karimi is a farmer who can now take advantage of the evening hours to sell her produce, thanks to the arrival of solar lights in her […]

Tesla Converted an Entire Island to Solar with New Microgrid Product Developed by SolarCity

By: Fred Lambert The island of Ta’u in American Samoa has been using diesel generators and burning over 100,000 gallons of fuel per year in order to supply its nearly 600 residents with electricity. That’s no longer the case and the island is now virtually energy independent thanks to a new solar and battery installation by Tesla and […]

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