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Panasonic’s Solar-Powered Table Wirelessly Charges your Gadgets

It has happened to all of us: you’re running around town all day only to look down and realize your phone’s battery is in the red, but you don’t have your charger and you’re not going to be home any time soon. What do you do? Panasonic has the answer with a protoype it showed […]

‘Solar Express’ lets St. Louis Charge Mobile Phones with Solar Power

By Editors of Electric Light & Power/ POWERGRID International Many in St. Louis are encountering a truck sporting solar panels on the top and front of its raised roof. The “Solar Express” is making the rounds to dozens of community events, helping provide renewable power, along with a little education on solar power. The Solar […]

Waste-Not Electronics

With the endless flood of new electronics on the market, we’ve long been needing a better way to recycle the components…so now a lab in the UK has discovered a way to do it.  (Hint: the key is hot water!) Courtesy: Tweet

Old Phone In, Cash Out: ecoATM’s

With all the new models of phones and pads being introduced every day, here comes ecoATM: put in your old phone and it’ll analyze it, find it a new home or recycle the components, determine a valu… and offer you cash for your trouble! Courtesy: Tweet

Portable Solar Power for Bicycle Touring

An avid bicycle tourer and blogger sent us in this blog post of his solar charging setup and includes bit of a product review to boot. He uses a PowerFilm 50 Watt foldable panel connected to our V60 Universal Laptop Battery to charge his MacBook, Canon 60D, 2 hard drives, a laptop, an ipod, and […]