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Mother Nature’s Plan

As greenhouse gases continue to pour into the atmosphere, industrial polluters could learn a thing or two from the lowly sea urchin, at least as far as turning CO2 into something useful. Once again, Mother Nature knows best Courtesy: Tweet

Fuels of the Future

Guest Post Petrol prices are increasing and the supply of our natural resources decreasing, not a good combination. Luckily for us though, ‘the Scientists’ have been hard at work coming up with a solution to our little conundrum. So, what does the future of fuel hold for our vehicles? We’ve taken a look at the […]

Sunflowers: Mother Nature Knows Best!

The mirrors layout in the PS10 Concentrated Solar Power plant could have been laid our more efficiently, and scientists found the secret to a more efficient layout had already been worked out by none other than… Mother Nature! Courtesy: Tweet


Mother Nature designed chitin to be an exoskeleton for insects that can be either flexible or rigid…and that has inspired Harvard researchers to invent a similar substance that may become a biodegradable replacement for plastic! Courtesy: Jim Parks Tweet

green up your tailgate party

5 easy ways to green up your tailgate party It’s really not much of a hassle to bring some dishes from home. They needn’t be your everyday ware: picking up a set of lightweight plastic place settings is a great outdoor investment, and you can probably find them secondhand for … Tweet