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How UPS can Increase the Efficiency of Data Centers?

Guest Post by Dani Kate   There is a common belief that improving the efficiency of a data center UPS system installation can lead to a rise in its running costs. With today’s cutting-edge UPS technologies, however, this does not have to be the case. And one of the best ways to boost data center […]

NRDC Launches the Solar Schools Revolution

The politics in Washington, DC today—the shutdown, the debt ceiling, the finger pointing—it’s enough to make even a policy wonk like me say “yuck!” This is America. We’re a can-do country, but it doesn’t seem like this Congress can do anything. We can do something, though. Something upbeat and local and smart: put solar on […]

Renewable energy is America’s cheapest option, study finds

In a landscape marred by entrenched political and business interests that prefer the status quo, any prospect of shifting towards renewable energy sources can at times seem the purview of idealists. But, according to a new study that aims for a more holistic count of energy costs, a switch to renewables by the U.S. wouldn’t […]

Walgreens Taking on Big Boxes for Solar Energy Leadership

While big-box retailers like Walmart and Ikea are nationally known for their adoption of renewable energy, the drug store chain Walgreens is quickly joining their ranks. The Deerfield, Illinois-based company is already one of the nation’s retail leaders in the installation of rooftop solar panels. And the company recently announced it will be working together […]