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Are Solar-Powered Homes Jacking Up Everyone Else’s Electric Bills?

By Tim McDonnell Solar power is having a major moment. It’s growing faster than any other energy source—in 2014, a new system was installed in the United States every three minutes—while the price of a typical panel has dropped 63 percent since 2010. By 2016, experts predict that solar will be as cheap or cheaper […]

Power play: Utilities want solar users to pay up

    The explosive growth of solar power — a new rooftop system was installed every four minutes in 2013 — has utility companies pushing in several states to scale back what they call unfair rate advantages that solar users have long received. The debate centers on net metering, which requires utility companies to credit […]

Bills will make it easier for Californians to buy and sell solar power

No rooftop? No yard? No problem! All Californians will be able to invest in solar and wind projects to reduce their power costs and their carbon footprints under a bill awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s (D) signature. “SB 43 will allow the millions of Californians who cannot install their own solar unit, windmill, or other renewable […]